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FiberWorld Classroom: Our service for Teachers and Students

High School Teacher
Your web site is just wonderful! You didn't leave anything for us to teach about fibers.

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News about the Fiber Industry

William Barnet & Son and ALBIS PLASTIC Launch Joint Venture in the U.S.

TPP Market Opportunities Webinar Series Hosted by ITA

Toray Plans to Build Air Bag Fabric Facility in Mexico

China Ends Comprehensive Subsidy Program Under Agreement With USTR

Manufacturers for Trade Enforcement Grows Reach With New Members

ITC Determines PET Resin Imports Causing Injury to the Domestic Industry

M.I.T to Lead New Fiber/Textile Manufacturing Institute

Winner of the 2016 Paul T. O’Day Scholarship Announced

AFMA Announces Support of TPP

U.S. ITC Announces Initiation of Countervailing Duty and Less- Than-Fair-Value Investigations into Chinese Tire Imports

NCTO Formally Endorses TPP

DuPont and Dow to Combine in Merger of Equals

Verisk Analytics Acquires The PCI Group

Key Facts about the U.S. Textile Industry


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