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2005 International Man-Made Fibres Congress - Sept 21-23, Dornbirn

The 44th International Man-Made Fibres Congress will be held in Dornbirn (Austria), under the sponsorship of AFMA and CIRFS, on September 21 to 23. It is the European equivalent of the China International Man-made Fibers Conference, and has a strong concentration on technological developments in man-made fibers.

For the first time Textiles for Automobiles and Transport will be dealt within a more extensive frame, detailing on the importance of fibres and textiles in their versatile functions with respect to space- and aircraft, to automobiles and transport management. Textiles are indeed a decisive factor in modern lightweight construction but they also stand for comfort and protection in the car interior. These relevant contributions will demonstrate general trends in development and also the potential for synergies. Papers within the 23 Intercarpet will present an optimistic outlook into the future. Due to additional functions, the traditional "floorcovering" will experience a new renaissance. Another focus will be Flammability of textiles, taking into account the steadily growing needs for safety. Developments in Man-made Fibres have always been a special characteristic of the Dornbirn Congresses, an important impetus for future development.

Once again an outstanding scientific achievement in the sector of man-made fibres will be honoured with the Paul Schlack Man-Made Fibres Prize for which letters of invitation have already been sent out.

As has been customary, lectures will be complemented by an exhibition in the foyer of the Conference Center . This exhibition has indeed turned out to be a place where attendees and exhibitors come to meet and exchange experiences.

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