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EATP Polypropylene Fibers and Textile Conference in Berlin: May 15 - 16

The European Association for Textile Polyolefins (EATP), the sister organization to CIRFS, is holding a major conference on May 15 and 16 to discuss the market.

The Seminar will deal with a wide range of strategic management and commercial challenges, confronting the polyolefin textiles industry, in Europe and worldwide, from polymer and additives through to final products. This year, the seminar will focus on the impact of global competition on the industry’s development, now and in the future. No other conference, anywhere in the world, concentrates on the management and commercial issues in polyolefin textiles (polypropylene and polyethylene). The EATP Executive Seminar is, quite simply, unique.

The reaction to the previous EATP Executive Seminars (Basle 2001, Paris 2002, Barcelona 2003, Budapest 2004 and Rome 2005) was one of growing enthusiasm. The Rome event brought together over 100 polyolefin textile and polymer industry leaders from 18 countries in Europe, the Middle East and North America to discuss the future of this large and growing industry. In a post- Conference survey, a vast majority of the respondents described the event as ‘good’ and ‘very good’.

For the conference brochure, click here.
You can also download a conference registration form and hotel reservation form.


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