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F.I.T. to Make Ingeo Fiber

Fiber Innovation Technology, Inc. (F.I.T.), has become the first North American fibres manufacturer to offer Ingeo, a breakthrough material that allows man-made fibres to be derived from 100% annually renewable resources.

The Tennessee-based maker of staple, filament and bicomponent specialty fibre has signed a master license agreement with Cargill Dow LLC to produce and sell branded Ingeo fibres in North America and select Asian markets. The agreement includes technology licenses, brand rights, and raw material supply to manufacture and sell Ingeo fibres. The branded fibres will be made from Cargill Dow's PLA (polylactide) polymers.

"We value our role as a leader in delivering specialty fibres that hold great value for current and future applications," said Frank Harris, CEO and president of Cha Technologies, F.I.T.'s parent company. "We believe that Ingeo fibres hold great promise with their unique combination of synthetic properties and natural origin. We are proud to be the first North American fibre producer to offer branded Ingeo fibres to customers around the world."

F.I.T. has been working with PLA since the mid-1990s and sees the annually renewable resource-derived fibre as a key driver of offering fibres that will impact the future direction of the fibres industry.

"We expect the use of Ingeo fibres to expand rapidly in the next several years, and it appears likely that, as it matures, Ingeo fibre will eventually find acceptance in an array of applications as broad as PET, nylon and polypropylene," said Brad Willingham, president of F.I.T.

According to Snehal Desai, business vice president, Cargill Dow LLC, F.I.T.'s signing of a master license agreement builds further momentum for the annually renewable resource -based fibre.

"F.I.T. is focused on innovation and it is only natural for them to be in the forefront of delivering this breakthrough technology. Having F.I.T.'s innovative staff and versatile production facilities dedicated to delivering branded Ingeo fibres to market will only accelerate our momentum in getting Ingeo fibre into more consumers' hands," Desai explained.

Source: Inteletex

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