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India Imposes Antidumping Duty on Chinese Polyester

NEW DELHI: In a move expected to boost domestic polyester manufacturers, India has imposed antidumping duty on the partially-oriented yarn (POY) imports from China. India, which was faced with excessive imports of POY from China below the normal value, has decided to impose an anti-dumping duty of $545.22 (about Rs 22,000) per metric ton.

The duty would be levied in the Indian currency and has come into effect from August 2, according to a Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) notification. The levy of anti-dumping duty would help the domestic manufacturers of POY, including RIL and Indo-Rama.

The director general of antidumping and allied duties, (DGAD) which had conducted an investigation into the dumping charges by the domestic industry had recommended levy of anti-dumping duty. The authority had concluded that the domestic industry had suffered "material injury" by dumping of POY from China.

This was the final finding of the authority. DGAD had in August last year recommended imposition of antidumping duty on a provisional basis to CBEC, after conducting a preliminary enquiry.

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