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Korea Publicizes Full KORUS Text

Korea on Friday (May 25) released the full text of a free trade agreement with the United States.

Korea and the U.S. reached a landmark free trade accord in early April after 10 months of grueling negotiations, but the deal, widely expected to be signed by the end of June, must be ratified by the legislative bodies of both countries. Korean officials have said the pact, which has yet to be ratified, is a successful agreement and will help upgrade the nation's economy.

The 1,400-page Korean-language document was posted on the five Web sites of government agencies, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. English-language documents were also posted.

Korea and the U.S. will hold talks from May 29 to June 6 in Washington to finalize a legal review process over the complete text, the ministry said in a statement.

President Roh, an ardent supporter of the deal, has repeatedly expressed his positive view of the agreement both during and after the negotiations.

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