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TextileTrends Conference in Berlin: February 14 - 17

Experts from Asia, the United States and Europe to shed light on tomorrow’s textile industry

The first TextileTrends event will take place in Berlin on February 14-17, 2006. This international trade conference on textile innovations will feature 30 speakers from Asia, the United States and Europe. It is being hosted by the Materials and Surfaces Training Institute (MSTI), a division of IIR Deutschland GmbH.

The first TextileTrends conference will focus on technical and functional textiles.

The series on “functional textiles” will be chaired by Alain Langerock, technical director at the textile supplier Devan Chemicals in Belgium, and Hans-Jürgen Buschen of the Deutsches Textilforschungszentrum Nord-West e.V. Twelve presentations will address topics including antimicrobial textiles, nanotechnology applications, machine-washable wool, artificial spider silk and high-tech polyester with a permanent antibacterial effect. The cosmetic benefits of textiles and odor-reducing properties of materials will also be discussed.

Parallel to this, there will be a series of presentations on the them of “technical textiles”, chaired by Swedish textile expert Prof. Dr. Roshan Shishoo. Thirteen speakers will present the latest textile applications in fields such as architecture, automotive and medicine.

The conference will kick off with a general plenary session to get the participants in the right frame of mind for the comprehensive presentation program. The agenda includes a look at the future of the textile industry and new developments in smart clothing.

The separately bookable workshop “3D Systems for Textile Products” on February 14 will round out the conference.

Detailed information is available at www.textile-trends.de.


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