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William L. Jasper Elected CEO of Unifi

GREENSBORO, N.C. — September 26, 2007 — Unifi, Inc. (NYSE:UFI) announced that effective today, the Board of Directors has elected William L. Jasper as the Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, R. Roger Berrier, Jr. as its Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Asian Operations, and Ronald L. Smith as its Vice President of Finance and Treasurer.  Messrs. Jasper and Berrier have also been appointed to the Board of Directors effective today.

Mr. Jasper has been employed by Unifi since 2004, when Unifi purchased the Kinston POY facility from INVISTA and has been Vice President of Sales since 2006.  Prior to joining Unifi, he was the Director of INVISTA’s Dacron® polyester filament business and, prior to that, he held various management positions in operations, technology, sales, and business for the DuPont Company.

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