Bicomponent Fiber              

Current U.S. Bicomponent Fiber Producers: BASF Corporation; DuPont Company; Fiber Innovation Technology, Inc.; KoSa; Solutia Inc.

Definition: Bicomponent fiber is comprised of two polymers of different chemical and / or physical properties extruded from the same spinneret with both polymers within the same filament.

Bicomponent Fiber Capabilities
Bicomponents can provide:

Common Bicomponent Configurations
Most commercially available bicomponent fibers are configured in a sheath / core, side-by-side, or eccentric sheath / core arrangement.

              Sheath / Core                                                Side by Side                                             Eccentric Sheath / Core   

Advantages of Bicomponent Thermal Binder Fibers

Common Polymer Combinations in Bicomponent Thermal Binder Fibers

Self Bulking Bicomponent Fibers


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