Melamine Fiber

Commercial Melamine Fiber Production: Melamine fiber is produced by Basofil Fibers LLC, Enka, NC and marketed under the trade name, Basofil® Fiber.

Current U.S. Melamine Fiber Producers: Basofil Fibers LLC

Definition for Melamine Fiber: A manufactured fiber in which the fiber-forming substance is a synthetic polymer composed of at least 50% by weight of a cross-linked melamine polymer. (Complete FTC Fiber Rules here.)

Basic Principles of Melamine Fiber Production: The production process is proprietary. It is based on a unique melamine chemistry that results in a cross-linked, non-thermoplastic polymer of melamine units joined by methylene and dimethylene ether linkages. In the polymerization reaction, methylol derivatives of melamine react with each other to form a three-dimensional structure. This structure is the basis for the fiber's heat stability, solvent resistance, and flame resistance.

Melamine Fiber Characteristics

Major Melamine Fiber Uses

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