Sulfar Fiber

First U.S. Commercial Sulfar Fiber Production: 1983, Phillips Fibers Corporation, A Subsidiary of Phillips 66 Company

Current U.S. Sulfar Fiber Producers: (Sulfar is not produced in the United States. The only producer is Toray Industries, Inc. Japan)

Federal Trade Commission Definition for Sulfar Fiber: A manufactured fiber in which the fiberforming substance is a long synthetic polysulfide in which at least 85% of the sulfide (-Sn-) linkages are attached directly to two (2) aromatic rings. (Complete FTC Fiber Rules here.)

Basic Principles ofSulfar Fiber Production — The PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) polymer is formed by reaction of sulfur with dichlorobenzene and then extruded by melt spinning to produce both staple and filament fibers.

Sulfar Fiber Characteristics

Major Industrial Sulfar Fiber Uses — Filter fabric for coal-fired boiler bag houses; papermakers' felts; electrical insulation, electrolysis membranes, filter fabrics for liquid and gas filtration; high-performance composites, gaskets and packings.

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