Triacetate Fiber

Triacetate Staple Fiber,
Triacetate Filter Tow Fiber,
Triacetate Textile Filament Fiber

First U.S. Commercial Triacetate Fiber Production: 1954, Celanese Corporation (Triacetate is not currently produced in the United States)

Federal Trade Commission Definition for Triacetate Fiber: See definition for Acetate. (Complete FTC Fiber Rules here.)

Basic Principles of Triacetate Fiber Production — Triacetate is derived from cellulose by combining cellulose with acetate from acetic acid and acetate anhydride. The cellulose acetate is dissolved in a mixture of methylene chloride and methanol for spinning. As the filaments emerge from the spinneret the solvent is evaporated in warm air — dry spinning — leaving a fiber of almost pure cellulose acetate. Triacetate fibers contain a higher ratio of acetate-to-cellulose than do acetate fibers.

Triacetate Fiber Characteristics

Some Major Triacetate Fiber Uses

General Triacetate Fiber Care Tips

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