Manufactured Fiber Tariffs

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The two links above contain the tariff rates for manufactured fibers listed in Chapters 54 and 55 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule published by the U.S. Customs Service.

The normal-trading-relation (NTR) tariff is shown in Column 1. The following abbreviations are used for free trade agreement rates in effect that are lower than the NTR rate:

IL: (Israel)     MX: (Mexico)     CA: (Canada)    JO: (Jordan)

  AU: (Australia)    CL: (Chile)    SG: (Singapore)

There are no Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) tariff removals in effect for manufactured fiber.

Useful links: The Office of Textiles and Apparel in the U.S. Department of Commence has a website on trade data, export country information, quotas, and much more: A complete listing of the entire set of tariff databases for the 18 pacific rim countries in APEC is at

Note: FiberSource and its sponsors, the American Fiber Manufacturers Association and the Fiber Economics Bureau, do not represent the tariff information displayed as official or authorized. We therefore disclaim any liability for the accuracy of the information contained herein. Please refer to the official published version of the manufactured fiber Tariff Schedule as issued by the U.S. government for an authoritative version.


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